February 21th, 2009
FlashMapOne v2.0 Release
February 21th, 2009
Flash Map Shop2.0 Updated
October 1th, 2008
Flash Map Shop Created
User's Guide, XML Reference and Map Gallery, etc. All detail about how to use FlashMapOne.
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Thank you very much to the FlashMapOne Team. you saved me many time from developing interactive map in our project. I m using your product. That is easily and powerful, also I to appreciate the great looks visual styles.
--- sachindra verma

I have been looking for Flash Maps for long time for the project I m use in my project and I m very happy that I came across this beauty map. All the features I need in one place.Great job guys!!!
--- Alex

Nice and easy to use. Very simple and doesnt take many time to study how to use. I tried a few other flash map out there and none are as simple; Plus, you can easily install to website just to copy it. very cool feature! I m passing this one around to my friends
--- Chris

Flash Map Shop

Dongsoft Flash Map Store which includes all maps. You can separate to buy anyone map in it. The map features same as FlashMapOne. Find more detail in license.

PDF to ePub

The software can perfectly convert pdf into an epub format. The general converter can just convert pdf rigidly, so the format becomes a mess. For slightly more complex documents, almost all cannot be read after conversion. The software provides a powerful and easy-to-use function to handle complex pdf documents and to maintain the "original flavour" of documentation as much as possible.
flash map one

FlashMapOne User's Guide

User's Guide, XML Reference, FAQ, etc. All detail about how to use FlashMapOne.

Quick Link -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Setting XML file in FlashMapOne?   Read Online

Quick Link -- XML Attributes

This document discusses all the possible attributes for any FlashMapOne map.   Read Online

Quick Link -- Maps List

Contains 47 flash maps with world, continents, countries, states. If you are interested in seeing more map samples, flash map templates, or require more information for your interactive map project, please Contact usRead Online